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What’s New in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update For IT Pros


What’s New in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update For IT Pros: Finally, the next big update of Windows 10 is here and it is known as Windows 10 Fall creators update. This Windows 10 Fall Creators Update brings a lot of new features. The windows 10 fall creators update provides new ways to deploy and manage devices, dig deeper into their health and status and protect them from new types of attacks.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update – New Features


Windows Autopilot:

Windows autopilot delivers a zero touch experience for deploying new Windows 10 devices that can be shipped directly to your employees. Just connect to a network and enter your company email and password that’s all it takes to deploy a new computer with your company apps and office provisioned via into.

Windows 10 subscription activation:

Windows 10 subscription activation lets you deploy Windows 10 enterprise in your organization with no keys and no reboots using a list of subscribed users. When a subscribed user signs in on their Windows 10 Pro device features that our enterprise only are automatically enabled.

Mobile device management:

Mobile device management or MDM has been expanded to include domain joined devices with Azure Active Directory registration.

Windows Update for business:

Windows Update for business now integrates with into enabling discrete control over when updates are deployed.

Upgrade readiness:

Upgrade readiness provides insights into application and Driver compatibility issues. New capabilities include better app coverage post upgrade health reports and enhanced report filtering capabilities.

Update compliance:

Update compliance let you monitor Windows Defender protection status and compare compliance with industry peers.

Device health:

Maintaining devices is made easier with device health a new premium analytic tool that identifies devices and drivers that crash frequently and might need to be rebuilt or replaced.

Windows Defender ATP:

New intelligent security solutions are also available. Windows Defender ATP has been expanded with powerful analytics security stack integration and centralized management for better detection, prevention, investigation, response and management.

Application Guard:

Windows Defender application guard hardens a favorite attacker entry point by isolating malware and other threats away from your data apps and infrastructure.

Windows Defender exploit guard:

Windows Defender exploit guard provides intrusion prevention capabilities to reduce the attack and exploit surface of applications.

Windows Information protection:

Windows Information protection is now designed to work with Microsoft Office and Azure information protection.

Windows Hello:

Windows hello enables better trust decisions when signing in through the use of new location and user proximity signals.

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So these were the major changes and features added to this new Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Hope you all liked it and Let us know your thoughts on this windows 10 update in the comment section below.


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