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Look Inside Mukesh Ambani’s home Antilia


Look Inside Mukesh Ambani’s home Antilia: Living in the most expensive of areas in a never-ending mansion replete with all the amenities you can dream of surrounded by a staff running to cater to each of our whim. Wake up, the bubble of your impeccable imagination just burst! Welcome back to the reality, that’s not your home but such a place actually exists. Ambani’s home Antilia, the mesmerizing abode of the richest man of India!

Ambani's home AntiliaNumber 10: THE ONLY HOME

Mukesh Ambani’s family initially shared a house with Mukesh’s mother and brother’s family and only moved out after the construction of Antilia was complete. But that’s not the catch here! You wouldn’t expect the richest man of the nation to own just a single house, that’s not how the rich function. But Mukesh Ambani stands apart from the crowd of the rich because he owns just one house and with all that he has in there, he doesn’t even need another one!

Number 9: Distinct designing

The woman of the house, Nita Ambani had planned a 27 storey luxury haven with each of the floors designed distinctly. Australian company Leighton Holdings made that dream came true. So all the floors have a unique design keeping sun and lotus motifs the highlight of the mansion and this variety was brought about using materials like mother of pearl, crystal, marble, wood and other expensive materials. That house is surely a piece of art!

Number 8. Extra heights

This mansion is giving us residential goals already but wait till you know the about the heights. Each floor of the mansion is equal to the height of a two storey building. Did you get the hint The mansion could actually hold close to 60 floors with its current height!

Number 7. Comfort traveling

The dream home oozes luxury in every respect and traveling across the city or for that matter the world comes easy to the dwellers. The mansion has dedicated 6 floors to car parking which can accommodate 168 cars at a time and a whole floor is turned into a car servicing station. He has all the space for this lavish hobby in his 4,00,000 sq foot palace! What more The house has 3 helipads in case you want to escape Mumbai’s traffic and consider air travel more comfy.

Number 6. Affluent Neighborhood

Before the construction of this magnificent home began, rumors of it to be built in Mumbai slums were doing the rounds. That would have depicted the striking contrast in the two extreme Indian scenarios. But well, these rumors came to an end once the construction began at Altamount Road of Mumbai, the place where the richest of the richest have their dwelling.

Number 5. Luxury amenities

This extravagant dwelling of the Ambani family can easily put leading luxury hotels to shame. What Don’t be shocked! It is perfectly normal for a rich Indian to have multiple swimming pools, a gym and Jacuzzi in his home. But when you talk about the richest, health spas, salon, separate yoga and dance studios in addition to a 50 seat home theatre make it to the list without a question.

Number 4. The extra step

The Ambani’s took their luxury requirements a notch higher when they planned for a ball room in the mansion. Which man cannot survive without a ball room in his dwelling that has its roof covered with 80% crystal chandeliers Then there is a snow room which is a must to beat the Mumbai heat. So the owners and guests can step into this room that will sprinkle man made snowflakes and give you the feeling of being ‘cool’ and filthy rich!

Number 3. Unbeatable hospitality

You can’t expect the most marvelous of the households to lack in hospitality. The guests are well looked after and that, kind of goes without saying so why did we even point it out The mansion houses an entourage room that caters to the relaxation of the bodyguards and assistants of the big daddies that come to visit the Ambanis.

Number 2. Energy efficiency

The Ambani house might be a skyscraper but it still hosts a garden and it is just not any ordinary garden, mind it! The hanging garden at the floor where huge W shaped beams support the upper floors has the main purpose of energy conservation. The plants absorb sunlight and in turn keep the interiors cool. It totally makes sense keeping in mind the fact that after the family moved in their new home, the first electricity bill that they paid was more than 70lakhs!

Number 1. Best of both worlds

This elite residence was designed by an Australian company and thus has the amenities and an international style. But it also kept the feelings of the family in mind and has not lost its Indian appeal. As per Nita Ambani, Antilia is just the right blend of a modern home with Indian aesthetics and going as per the design, she is not wrong!


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