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Comparison: iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8:


Comparison: iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Apple’s new iPhone X will come in market in November this year. It will be competing with several other high-end phones. Although there are so many top-ranked smartphones in the market. But it is only comparable to Samsung’s flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 8 which is the world’s top company in the smartphone market. In the view of the operating system, both smartphones are completely different from others. In addition, the Android used Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is larger than the IOS used iPhone X.

iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8Comparison: iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8


Biometric System

In Samsung Galaxy Note 8, you can be able to unlock your phone using Fingerprint Reader, Irish Scanner or Face Detection. But It is called ‘unsafe’ as it has been possible to unlock the phone with the photodetection feature.

Apple removed Fingerprint Reader and launched 3D Faces Scanner named Face ID with iPhone X. Also, there are no Irish scanners in iPhone X. But Apple told that Face ID is more secure and safer for users than Fingerprint Reader.


Water Proof System

Customers have no reason to worry about this. Both smartphones are resistant to water and dust


Headphone jack

In 2016, the US tech giant Apple remove the headphone jack on iPhone 7. Also this time iPhone X doesn’t offer a headphone jack. But the headphone jack is still being used in Galaxy Note 8. It is a plus point for Note 8.



Apple and Samsung Phone always come with the best camera in the market on their smartphones. iPhone X’s camera has been brought to the ‘Bokeh’ feature, with the photo background blurred. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 also has this feature, but it has been mentioned that it is not as advanced as the iPhone X. iPhone X has a new front camera which is capable of taking enhanced portraits. This feature is not available in Galaxy Note 8.


Wireless Charging

Wireless charging technology has come to Apple iPhone X using Qi technology. However, the report said that the charging system is slower than the conventional way. Samsung has been working on this technology development for several years.


Screen Size

The iPhone X’s screen size is 5.8 inches and the Galaxy Note 8 is 6.3 inches. OLED technology has been used in both smartphones. However, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 uses a curved display and this display is better. More energy saving and bright than OLED display LCD.


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