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Download Huawei P10 Plus B171 Nougat Update [Europe]


Download Huawei P10 Plus B171 Nougat Update: Huawei has known for its timely update their smartphone to the latest Android versions. Huawei P10 Plus gets the official Android 7 Nougat Update with EMUI 5.1. The update is available through OTA (over-the-air), but if you have any trouble updating your Huawei P10 via OTA, you can manually flash the firmware by downloading it on your PC.

Important: The firmware file given below is for Huawei P10 Plus (VKY-L09) variants. Do not install it on other P10 variants. Your phone should be on stock firmware and recovery to install the Nougat update. Ensure your phone is fully charged. As always, back up any important data you have on the phone.

Disclaimer: Follow the instruction at your own risk. We will not be liable if any damage occurs to your device and/or its components. It is recommended for technically talented users only.

Firmware Information:

  • Device – Huawei P10 Plus
  • Model – VKY-L09
  • Android Version – 7.0
  • EMUI Version – 5.1
  • Firmware – B171
  • Build Number – VKY-L09C432B171
  • Region – Europe

Download Android Nougat B171 firmware for Huawei P10 Plus (Europe) Build Number – VKY-L09C432B171

Download Huawei P10 Plus B171 Nougat UpdateManually

Method 1 (Recommended)

1) Requirements for this method.

2) First, download the HWOTA_VKY.zip from above and extract it on your PC or your device SD Card.

3) Now download all three update, data, and public files (make sure you rename the files as mentioned above) and copy them either in the external SDCard inside HWOTA folder or in the PC in the C:\..\HWOTA\updatefolder.

4) Run the update.bat file as an administrator, It will ask you if you copied the files. Press any key to continue.

5) Now connect your device and Reboot into Bootloader mode using “Volume Down + Power” or just use “adb reboot bootloader” then press any key.

6) The above step will install TWRP in your device.

7) Now Disconnect USB Cable and turn off your device and use “Volume Up + Power” to enter TWRP.

8) Once you’re in TWRP mode, plug in the USB cable again and press the Enter key on your computer.

9) If your files are saved in the HWOTA folder on the SD card, type 1 and press ENTER and if files are saved in the HWOTA/Update folder on your PC, type 2 and press ENTER.

10) It’ll ask you the update type, again type 1 and press the Enter button twice.

11) Done! Above step will start the installation of files on your device

Method 2

1) First, you need to unlock the bootloader of Huawei P10 Plus and download and install a custom recovery. If you already had an unlocked bootloader and custom recovery installed on your device then skip this step.

2) Download Huawei P10 Plus B171 Nougat files from above and save it on your device.

3) Now Boot your device into TWRP Recovery mode.

5) In TWRP first flash the update.zip file and once done without rebooting your device moves to the next step.

6) Now flash the second and third firmware file.

7) wait until the process finishes. Once the installation process completed, reboot your phone.

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