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Coolest New iOS 11 Features !!!


New iOS 11 Features: This article is all about the new version of iOS, which is iOS 11. But even if you don’t have an iPhone, you might still find this interesting if you’ve been curious about some features that iPhone has. So I’m going to tell you New iOS 11 Features, in no particular order.

Coolest New iOS 11 Features:

New Image & Video Formats:

This one might not seem like a flashy exciting feature at first, but I think it’s a big deal. And that is the new image and video file formats iOS 11 supports. iPhones will now have the option to take pictures in the so-called “High Efficiency Image Format” or HEIF. And videos can be recorded in the H.265 codec. These formats allow picture and videos to be stored with both higher quality and smaller file sizes, so they’re better in almost every way.


Customize Control Center:

Go to Settings > Control Center > then Customize Controls, and you’ll see a list of shortcut functions you can choose from. You can add or remove them from the “included” list, and those will appear at the bottom of the control center. You can also drag and arrange them however you want.


Share WIFI passwords:

You can now share your WiFi password with friends, without actually giving them your password. Wait, how does that make sense? What happens is when you want to join someone elses network, instead of typing in the WiFi password, you can now simply hold up your device to another device that IS connected to the network. That person will get a prompt asking if you want to allow them to connect, and then then you’re done. One thing to know is both devices must have iOS 11 installed or it won’t work.


Scan QR Codes:

Camera app is now able to scan QR codes, so no more third party apps required. Literally all you do is open the camera app, point it at a QR code, and then a notification will pop up with what it is. There are several possible functions, whether it’s just plain text, or a website link, or even a calendar event. You can even make a QR code with your WiFi credentials, so just like the previous one, it makes it easy for people to connect without needing your phone. On the other hand, if you want to disable this feature, you can do so right through the camera settings.


Stop App Rating Requests:

This one is going to make a lot of people happy. It’s a new setting where you can choose to stop apps from requesting ratings. No more obnoxious spammy pop ups telling you to leave a review, completely interupting everything. To enable this, you go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > then scroll down to “In-App Ratings & Reviews” and disable that. Now keep in mind, if an app hasn’t been updated recently, it might not support this setting, and it still might happen.


Send Money With iMessage:

Apple has now integrated Apple Pay directly into iMessage, so you can actually send money to friends without having to go through third-party apps like Venmo or PayPal. The feature will be called “Apple Pay Cash” and will appear in your Apple Wallet as a virtual debit card. And you’re also able to withdraw funds from that account into your bank account. Apple hasn’t actually activated this feature yet, but they say it’s coming soon this fall.


Live Photo Effects:

These new options are called Loop, Bounce, and Long exposure. To get to them, go to any live photo in the photos app, and swipe up. They’re pretty self-explanatory, loop just loops it and tries to blend the beginning and end together, bounce reverses it at the end then repeats that over and over, and long exposure actually creates a still image and combines them together into one that looks like a long exposure.


Redesigned App Store:

It’s a complete redesign of the App Store. There are now dedicated tabs at the bottom to distinguish between apps and games, and there’s another tab called “Today”, where Apple will post different stuff like featured apps, tips and tricks, tutorials, that sort of thing.


AirPlay 2:

It actually contains a bunch of different features, like being able to add speakers to your home kit app, and playing music to multiple speakers at once.


Do not disturb while driving:

With this, your phone will try to automatically detect when you start driving, probably with GPS and the accelerometer, and will make it so you won’t get any notifications during that time. There’s also the option to have it automatically respond to any text messages you receive, or just your favorite contacts, saying that you’re driving and can’t respond right away. Of course if you’re not actually driving, like you’re a passenger, you can just tap that option when it comes up, and it won’t enable it.

So these were the New iOS 11 Features. Hope you all liked it and Let us know your thoughts on this New iOS 11 Features in the comment section below.


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