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Who is ahead in the Instagram Likes?


Who is ahead in the Instagram Likes? : Image sharing app Instagram is the most popular sites in many countries. Athletes, musicians and TV stars are most followed users on Instagram. But Image sharing platform Instagram has been rated as the worst social media site for having a negative impact on young people’s mental health, according to the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH). Studies show that users who have the most followers are not the best responders in their posts. In this case, the site says that American musician Selena Gomez is most followed user on Instagram, her total number of followers is 11 million+ But her posts could not top the list of most liked.

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The site has released 15 users names that have the most Instagram likes. They are-

15. Former British football player David Beckham – the average number of likes is 5,15,405 and the number of followers is 34.7 million

14. American TV star Kim Kardashian – average number of likes 5,35,693 and follow number 96.5 million

13. US Fashion Model and TV Personal Kendal Jenner – average number of likes 5,38,945 and Number of Followers 77.5 million

12. American singer and actress Demi Lovato – average number of likes 5,93,296 and number of followers  55.5 million

11. American musician and actress Beyonce – average number of likes 6,735,358 and number of followers 98.3 million

10. American TV personality, fashion designer and model Kylie Zener – average number of likes 7,06,261 and number of followers90.4 million

09. American musician and actress Ariana Grande – average number of likes 7,08,019 and number of followers 101 million

08. British actress and model Emma Watson – average number of likes 8,45,961 and number of followers 27.7 million

07. Irish lyricist, musician and guitarist Niall Horan – average number of likes 8,68,029 and number of followers 19.1 million

06. British musician and song writer Harry Styles – average number of likes 8,70,954 and number of followers 19.8 million

05. British musician, lyricist and actor Louis Tomlinson – average number of likes 10,47,075 and number of followers 12.7 million

04. American musician Taylor Swift – average number of likes 10,59,970 and number of followers 99.7 million

03. US singer Selena Gomez – average number of likes 10,65,909 and number of followers is 115 million.

02. Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo – average number of likes 11,26,447 and number of followers 95.8 million

01. Argentine football star Lionel Messi – average number of likes 11,45,563 and number of followers 67.4 million


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